quarta-feira, janeiro 03, 2007


Fells, my dear Fells,
Writing these verses to you,
We still have the spring in our lives
How come winter strikes every time you feel blue?

Fells, my darling Fells,
I can no longer assure you,
The world is so fucked up these days,
How come we’ve never been through?

You see, my dearest,
You will never leave your room,
It’s so safe in there, with your smell,
You’re such a flower, but why such an early bloom?

Fells, oh Fells, sweet girl Fells,
Go out with your black boots and your leather skirt,
Show the world you’re not forgotten,
Brighten my day with your smile and that old Bowie shirt.

My friend Fells, my afraid girl,
Do you have any idea how wonderful you are?
Heartbreaker as it should be,
There’s no place, no perfect love, nobody shall ever find.

One day, one night, one minute
You suddenly change my life,
You suddenly crack me up,
Suddenly you can make me cry.

I only feel love of what you've come around,
You're such a brave boy, don't fear me at all,
I look into your eyes and I want to feel the warmth,

My loved one, my friend, I'll always hold you when you fall.
Leelow, what's it all about?You're a myth, a nympho or an ordinary boy?
I can be sure you're unusual and bold

You're so sure of yourself sometimes you're not weak at all.
Leelow, where have you come all this way?
Being ready to face every challenge again,
I've see you cry, and I admire your losses,
I've seen you smile, and I admire your victories.
Be sure to keep that smile running when I arrive,
Make sure you'll always be around,

I wonder when I'll happen not to miss you,
Until then, you're here, my friend, in my heart, where I placed you.

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Luke Strikes disse...

O rascunho que eu te dei e a cartinha que te mandei.

Bjão querida. =)